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If you are looking for cheap hot tubs under 500, we’ve provided a list of 6 great soft tubs for sale that I’m sure will be of interest to you!

If you minimize your spending on an inflatable soft tub and buy one of our recommended cheap hot tubs under $500, you will have some extra pocket money to purchase some really funky hot tub accessories that will turn your inflatable hot tub surrounds into an entertainers’ delight!

Now, let’s take a look at the discount hot tubs for sale!



One of the most popular and best portable hot tubs within this price range!

The Salu Spa Soft Spa is a an ideal cheap hot tub under $500! You may not be getting super high powered jets but you do get bubbles that do the job!

It is on the small side with a seating capacity of 2-4 persons. However, if you do use it as a 4 person soft tub, it will be super cosy and you will be making contact with the other people.

A great feature of the SaluSpa hot tub is the rapid heating system and the lay-z-spa massage system, both of  which can be activated using the hot tub controls and you don’t have to exit the inflatable spa to do so.

Included with the Saluspa soft tub is a DVD to guide you on setting up and maintaining your inflatable hot tub, an inflatable hot tub lid, two filter cartridges and a chemical floater.

SaluSpa Miami AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub
List Price:$339.00
You Save:$1.73
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A stylish, inexpensive, cheap hot tub under 500!

This is another fantastic cheap hot tub under 500. Notable features include a cushioned floor and massage jets for extra support and comfort, 2 handles built into the sides for portability and a stylish and sophisticated black color that will complement almost any interior or exterior décor.

You are able to adjust the hot tub temperature without having to exit the tub via the very user friendly hot tub controls.

Setting up the soft tub will be a matter of minutes and heating the water prior to first use will take approximately 24 hours.


Bargain Inflatable Hot Tub with LED lights!

This is one of the best cheap hot tubs under 500 with LED lights included, adding to the ambience of your outdoor/indoor spa décor.

The Bestway soft tub is advertised as a 4-6 person capacity inflatable hot tub, however in reality it fits 2-3 people comfortably (unless you prefer a cosy fit).

Set up and inflation is relatively easy and the package includes a DVD for guidance on set up and maintenance.

Additional inclusions consist of 2 filter cartridges, a ground mat for added cushioning and insulation as well as a chemical floater.


Super cheap hot tub under $500!

At such an affordable price, you can’t go past the Bestway Palm Springs Soft Tub with a recommended seating capacity of 4 -6 (more likely 2-3 person seating capacity).

The inflatable spa walls have been designed with extra durability and strength, sturdy enough for an adult to sit on the side of the portable hot tub without any bending or buckling. The design consists of user friendly hot tub controls which is used to activate the jacuzzi jets and the base of the inflatable hot tub contains super soft cushioning for added comfort and support.




Coleman manufacture quality inflatable products and this Coleman Inflatable Jacuzzi is no exception.

If you’re looking for strength and stability this Coleman 4 person hot tub is for you. The walls are made of an incredibly durable 3 ply reinforced puncture resistant material. The innovative TriTech™ exterior consists of a polyester mesh core embedded in two layers of PVC for additional robust hardiness.

The user-friendly Digital Control Panel contains an automatic start/stop timer controlled heating system which ensures you have maximum energy efficiency.

If you want the ultimate spa experience, the Lay-Z-Massage System can be activated (via the digital control panel) for blissful and soothing relaxation.

Included in the Coleman Jacuzzi package is an Instructional DVD, heating system, insulated cover, filtration system and filter cartridge. It is worth noting that heat loss can be experienced when using the bubbles and it can lose up to 3-4 degrees.

Coleman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub
List Price:$329.00
You Save:$30.00
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A top quality product that comes with a low price tag – one of the best inflatable Jacuzzis for sale!

After a hard day’s work, come home to your inflatable Intex Pure Spa, greeting you with 120 high-powered bubble jets for maximum pampering and ultimate relaxation. The Intex inflatable round hot tub has a water capacity of 210 gallons with a 4 person seating capacity. Ultra durable fiber-tech construction and puncture resistant three-ply material ensure optimal strength and comfort. Maintenance on the Intex bubble spa is relatively simple and the spa comes with two filter cartridges that are super easy to replace. Additional features include a floating chlorine chemical dispenser and 3-way test strip for easy maintenance; a thermal ground cloth and insulated cover (and lock) to minimize heat loss and extra safety; a carry bag for portability and storage and an inflation hose for faster inflation.

We have found some cool hot tub accessories that will totally enhance the ambience of your  indoor or outdoor inflatable spa area!

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