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Best Hot Tub Umbrella and Accessories

If you really want to enhance your hot tub surrounds to give it that extra charm and style, we have found the ideal products for you. Continue reading for some really fun hot tub accessories that will add a splash of sophistication and elegance to radically improve the ambience of your inflatable hot tub area.

Have you looked at our recommended cheap hot tubs under $500? Pick up a bargain inflatable spa and accessorize with a funky hot tub umbrella, hot tub enclosure and more!

Hot Tub Umbrella

Check out this range of stylish hot tub umbrella – a great addition to your inflatable hot tub surrounds. These hot tub umbrellas require no hardware or assembly. The weight of the inflatable spa anchors the spa umbrella in place under the base of the inflatable spa. These spa umbrellas are large enough and suitable to suit all shapes and sizes of inflatable hot tubs. They can spin 360 degrees and can be locked at any point over the inflatable spa or shifted to the side if you prefer full exposure to the elements. A fantastic addition to your spa décor which will really give your inflatable spa that wow factor! Note: Do not use the hot tub umbrella during windy conditions.

4 Season Solarium Hot Tub Gazebo

If you live in the northern states of America and you experience harsh winter conditions that is just too cold to place your inflatable hot tub outside or on your deck, a hot tub enclosure is the perfect solution. It is an expensive option; however, what you have saved in the purchase of an inflatable spa, could enable you to purchase a solarium to house your spa.

The structure consists of powder-coated aluminium and a 100% rust-proof baked enamel finish with fiberglass screens. This hot tub enclosure kit can take approximately 2 days to construct but the finished product is an incredibly stylish addition to house your inflatable hot tub.

Outdoor Patio Cooler Keter Cool Bar

Add a touch of sophistication to your inflatable hot tub surrounds with a patio cooler bar. You will be the envy of all budding entertainers with your stylish, cool hot tub accessories to accompany your inflatable hot tub. The practicality of this outdoor cooler is the stand-out feature consisting of the cooler on the bottom, that will keep your drinks cold for hours; and the table above to place your drinks and snacks.

Hot Tub LED lights

If you’re looking to enhance your hot tub ambience whether you are entertaining guests or perhaps entertaining your significant other, these submersible LED lights will definitely boost the atmosphere that you desire. 3 x AAA batteries are needed to power the dimming, waterproof lights which can be adjusted to 16 types of colors. Rekindle your romance with a relaxing night in the hot tub with a glass of wine, great company and the subtle effects of the LED lights illuminating in the background. What more could you want!

Hot Tub Pillows

This may not be a stylish addition to your inflatable hot tub but it sure will provide optimal comfort and support. If you feel uncomfortable sitting on the floor of your spa and you need a little boost, this spa cushion is an ideal solution. It’s weighted, so it won’t float to the surface. Additionally, it’s mildew resistant so you don’t have to worry about mold build up, even if you leave it in your spa permanently. Not only does it provide back support but it also works superbly as a footrest or as a hot tub headrest. An addition well worth considering for your new spa!