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Welcome to the Best Inflatable Spa Review Guide for 2017 – a compilation of product reviews and information showcasing our top 4 picks of the best inflatable spas available on the market.

Now, before we go any further, an inflatable hot tub has a multitude of different names including: inflatable jacuzzi, soft tub, blow up hot tub, portable hot tub….the list goes on. Regardless of the name that is used, we are talking about the same product! Glad we cleared that up, let’s move on.

Our best inflatable spa guide not only reviews the top products for 2017, it also contains stacks of information on the benefits of owning a soft tub, spa maintenance and tips for owners of inflatable hot tubs.

We kick off our review guide with a comparison table that will help you to quickly identify our best inflatable hot tub pick for 2017. Scroll past the comparison table for comprehensive information to help you make the best choice. We sincerely hope that we have provided what you are looking for and we would like to thank you for coming to our website. If you would like to get in touch with us, please head over to our contact us page!


Ease of use
Value for money


Coleman Lay Z Spa
Quality : 9.5
Functionality : 9.2
Ease of use : 9.4
Value for money: 9.5


Intex PureSpa (4)
Quality : 9.4
Functionality : 9.2
Ease of use : 9.1
Value for money: 9


Lay Z Spa Hawaii Salt Water
Quality : 9.2
Functionality : 9.2
Ease of use : 9.3
Value for money: 8.9


Intex PureSpa (6)
Quality : 9.4
Functionality : 9.2
Ease of use : 9.1
Value for money: 9

Why is an inflatable spa better than a built-in spa?


Typically, an inflatable spa is significantly cheaper than a permanent, built-in spa. The price range varies extensively for a built-in spa but you would need to be prepared to spend upwards of $2000.  Inflatable hot tub costs are considerably cheaper than fixed, built in spa costs and they can be purchased for a quarter of the price, allowing the money you save on the spa to spend on some cool hot tub accessories.


Portable hot tub spas are transportable. If you move house, you can easily take your inflatable portable hot tub with you. If you install your hot tub indoors during Winter and then decide to put it outdoors during the Summer it is totally possible with a portable spa.


A portable hot tub is very simple to assemble and inflate (and deflate and dismantle). No tools are necessary and installation is super quick. If you choose to only use it for a certain period during the year, you can deflate and store it with ease. Many portable hot tubs even come with a handy carry bag for storage and transport purposes.


An inflatable spa is very versatile. If you live in an area with dramatic climatic changes between the seasons, you may want to shift your inflatable spa indoors for Winter and outdoors for Summer. If you travel for an extended period, you can deflate it and keep it stored in a compact carry bag. If you decide that you would like to set it up for permanent use, there are some great decorative hot tub accessories and ideas that would really enhance your inflatable hot tub.

What are the benefits of an inflatable spa?

Many of you may not know this interesting fact but being around water makes people calmer and more creative. A study performed by the European Centre for Environment and Human Health found that proximity to the coast was positively associated with good health due to the psychological benefits. We are not suggesting that you quit your job and relocate to the coast, however we are offering an alternative to coastal living – purchasing an inflatable spa that you can come home to every day after an exhausting day at work!

You may feel that purchasing an inflatable jacuzzi is a non- essential, nice to have, recreational item; however it is more than that. It is an invaluable investment in your well-being. Life can become very stressful and there are many people who struggle to strike that elusive work-life balance. Bring children into the mix and life is incredibly hectic, stressful and relentless. Exercising a little bit of self-care and taking some time out for yourself each afternoon or night to relax in an inflatable jacuzzi is crucial to your well being. You can enjoy and relax for that moment in time and forget your worries while re-energising for the next day.

Picture this: It is a cold, frosty night. You decide to jump in to your portable inflatable spa and immerse yourself in the warm water. You feel instant relaxation. Your tight, tired and aching muscles begin to relax and the muscle tension begins to fade. Did you know that hot tub therapy is an effective treatment to relieve muscle and joint pain? Immersion, buoyancy, heat and vibration (from the portable Jacuzzi jets) have both physiologically and psychologically positive effects. It assists in your mental health and helps your blood circulate and relieve tired and sore muscles. Additionally, when you immerse your body in a heated soaking tub, your body temperature rises which has been shown to help people in getting to sleep faster. Therefore, adding a hot tub soak to your night time routine may potentially improve your sleep pattern.

To summarise the above information, implementing a regular hot tub regimen is extremely beneficial for your physical and mental health. 

How much does an inflatable spa weigh and where should it be placed?

Ensure the proposed surface for your blow up hot tub is level and smooth. It’s recommended that you place the blow up hot tub on concrete using polystyrene foam insulation board which works effectively as a hot tub pad; firstly to make the spa more comfortable (as you will be sitting on the floor of the hot tub), but also to provide better insulation and subsequently keeping electricity costs down. It is not recommended that you place the inflatable spa on your deck unless the deck has the appropriate weight load capacity to hold it. The inflatable spa weight is approximately 2700 lbs before the weight of adults is added so if you do choose to place your portable spa on your deck, ensure it has the structural capacity to hold the weight.

Installation – how long before I can jump in?!

Set up and inflation of the inflatable spa is quite simple and effortless and takes approximately 1 hour or less.  Additional time is needed to fill the hot tub and heat the water. From there, it takes approximately 1 hour to heat 2-3 degrees. Therefore, allow anywhere from 24-40 hours before you can enter you new best inflatable hot tub!

Maintaining your inflatable spa

To ensure you are getting the most value out of your portable jacuzzi, you will need to undertake regular maintenance. This may sound daunting but it is really quite simple. Ensure you stay on top of the following:


Cleaning hot tub filters is a relatively simple process. Ensure you rinse and clean filters regularly, firstly to keep your inflatable spa water clean and also to prolong the life of your inflatable spa filter. At least once a week (if possible), remove your filter and give it a really solid wash and remove as much dirt from the filter as you can. Using a tool such as a spa filter cleaner wand will assist you in clearing away hard to remove grime and will ensure your filter is working optimally.


Always follow the instructions provided by the chemical manufacturer. Adequate chemical maintenance will help control and prevent bacteria, algae and fungal contamination and also help avoid filters becoming clogged.

Use a test kit to check chemical levels and test regularly (at least twice a week).

Check ph levels at least once per week and ensure proper ph balance is maintained.

High ph levels can cause scale build-up on the spa, cloudy water and inadequate sanitisation. Low ph levels can lead to corrosion, skin and eye irritation and destruction of total alkalinity.


To increase the longevity of your hot tub cover, remove it from the hot tub at least once per week. Give the cover a few hours to breathe, away from the heat and moisture of the hot tub.

Chlorine vs Bromine?

Hot tub chlorine is a cost effective and fast acting solution to control bacteria and other contaminants; the downside is the strong odor emitted from the chemical. If your priority is to minimize your spending on hot tub chemicals, then chlorine is the preferable option. Bromine, on the other hand, is slightly more expensive and takes a little longer to take effect, however it does a much better job of killing algae, bacteria and other contaminants and remains active for a longer period of time.  The choice is yours and both chemicals do the job.

What is the best hot tub temperature?

So, how hot are hot tubs? The average hot tub temperature is within a range of 100ºF-102ºF. The maximum temperature is typically 104ºF. Any hot tub that goes over the maximum temperature is generally not suitable for use, and for most new models, it would be impossible to go beyond this temperature.  Ideally, when you first purchase your hot tub, you should test it for what you think is the ideal hot tub temperature for you and where you are most comfortable and relaxed. Start low, around 98º and you can adjust from there.

For energy efficiency purposes, the electricity costs actually lie in the constant adjustment and raising of temperatures (as well as factors outside of your control such as climate). Once you have reached the perfect hot tub temperature and you intend on using your hot tub regularly, it is best to simply maintain it at your desired temperature. If you are planning to go away for an extended period or use it sporadically, you could consider reducing the temperature to save on powering costs.

If you have children and purchase a hot tub, it is strongly recommended that you consult a physician before you allow your children in it. However, a safe hot tub temperature for children is a temperature that does not exceed 95ºF.

Essentially, optimal hot tub temperature will come down to your personal preference. So long as you don’t exceed the maximum temperature, you can be sure to get immense enjoyment and relaxation out of your new piece of relation kit!

Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews

Coleman Lay-Z Spa Inflatable Spa

If you’re looking for strength and stability this Coleman 4 person hot tub is for you. The walls are made of an incredibly durable 3 ply reinforced puncture resistant material. The innovative TriTech™ exterior consists of a polyester mesh core embedded in two layers of PVC for additional robust hardiness. The Coleman jacuzzi is large enough to hold up to 4 adults.

The user-friendly Digital Control Panel contains an automatic start/stop timer controlled heating system which ensures you have maximum energy efficiency.

If you want the ultimate spa experience, the Lay-Z-Massage System can be activated (via the digital control panel) for blissful and soothing relaxation.

The recommended temperature for the Coleman Inflatable hot tub is between 100-104 degrees and It takes approximately 12 hours to heat from 80 to 104 degrees.

When assessing approximate costs for running your Coleman spa, you must take into account external factors such as the weather temperature. If you live in a cold climate, your hot tub heater is going to need to work harder to keep the hot tub warm, therefore using more electricity.

Included in the price is an Instructional DVD, heating system, insulated cover, filtration system and filter cartridge. It is worth noting that heat loss can be experienced when using the bubbles and it can lose up to 3-4 degrees.

Coleman manufacture quality inflatable products and the Coleman Inflatable Jacuzzi is no exception.

This is our pick for the best inflatable hot tub on the market today!

Intex PureSpa Inflatable Spa

After a hard day’s work, come home to your inflatable Intex Pure Spa, greeting you with 120 high-powered bubble jets for maximum pampering and ultimate relaxation. The Intex inflatable round hot tub has a water capacity of 210 gallons with a 4 person seating capacity. Ultra durable fiber-tech construction and puncture resistant three-ply material ensure optimal strength and comfort. Maintenance on the Intex bubble spa is relatively simple and the spa comes with two filter cartridges that are super easy to replace. Additional features include a floating chlorine chemical dispenser and 3-way test strip for easy maintenance; a thermal ground cloth and insulated cover (and lock) to minimize heat loss and extra safety; a carry bag for portability and storage and an inflation hose for faster inflation.

Intex is a reputable brand in the inflatable spa industry and you are sure to get a top quality product that comes with a low price tag – one of the best inflatable Jacuzzis for sale!

Lay Z Spa Hawaii Hydrojet Salt Water Hot Tub

A distinctive feature of the SaluSpa Saltwater Spa is, as the name suggests, the built-in saltwater system. The benefit of a salt water hot tub is the absence of chlorine (not entirely, but significantly less quantities); and this to some people is a priority when looking to purchase a pool or spa. Many people have a sensitivity to chlorine as it can commonly cause itchiness and redness on the skin, burning sore eyes, dry hair, bleached swimwear…and not to mention the incredibly strong chlorine odor. The saltwater spa won’t be as harsh on your swimwear or your skin, so there is a potential cost-saving through swimwear expenses alone!

Another key feature of this square inflatable hot tub is the shape and dimensions, 28 x 71 x 71 inch square shape; large enough to hold 4-6 occupants and enabling it to seamlessly fit into a corner as opposed to a round hot tub which would occupy a larger space on your deck or sunroom.

As commonly found in other inflatable hot tubs, the portable spa consists of a massage system with 8 adjustable hydrojets (and bubbles) and a soft cushioned floor for added comfort and relaxation. You can switch between the hydrojets and bubbles, however they cannot be run at the same time.

A therapeutic, salt-water spa for a fraction of the price of a built-in saltwater spa! Maximum enjoyment and relaxation at a minimum price!

Included with the spa is the spa pump for effortless inflation and a leatheroid cover with lockable clips for insulation and safety. Maintenance, as with other inflatable spas is relatively simple it comes with 2 easy to replace filter cartridges.

Intex PureSpa Inflatable Spa

This is a larger than average 6 person soft tub hot tub. Features include a user-friendly control panel that controls the 120 high-powered hot tub jets that shoot from the base of the tub. Super quick to install and inflate (as quick as 20 mins) and easy deflation for storage or transport purposes.

The inflatable spa comes in a stylish dark blue-black color that will blend in with any current décor. The base of the spa contains padding so you can sit on the bottom without any discomfort. An optional extra is a spa cushion for additional cushioning if you feel you might need a softer surface. It’s made of solid and durable fiber-tech construction and beams and strong enough to hold the weight of an adult on the side if you just want to put your feet in rather than have the full spa experience.  Extra additions that come with the soft tub include an LED light and 2 inflatable pillows for extra comfort and support.

Tips for looking after your inflatable spa

  • Use an inflatable spa cover to reduce the amount of heat loss, saving your pump from overworking and reducing electricity costs.

  • Use a spa pad or a similar product under the hot tub base for two purposes; firstly to insulate your inflatable hot tub, ensuring you maintain the hot tub temperature as best as possible and secondly to cushion the floor for extra comfort and support.

  • Rinsing your bathing suits and showering without soap prior to entering the spa will extend the life of your spa water. Depending on usage, the spa water will need to be changed every 1-4 months.

  • Instead of throwing out your dirty filter cartridges, consider putting them through a wash in the dishwasher. The filter cartridges come out looking brand new and work just as good. Note: this is not recommended by inflatable spa manufacturers.


So have you found the best inflatable hot tub for you? How do you know you’re purchasing the best inflatable hot tub?  When searching for a hot tub, there is a lot of information to ponder and consider. We’ve covered the benefits of purchasing an inflatable soft tub over a built-in spa. We’ve explained what the therapeutic benefits are of owning a hot tub and the low maintenance required for inflatable hot tub owners.

The key is lots of research. We hope this site has provided all the information you need to take the step to a fantastic purchase that will enhance your lifestyle!

Good luck and all the best in your quest in finding the best inflatable hot tub!