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Banzai Slide “N” Soak Splash park

Banzai manufacture an enormous range of inflatable bounce house water slides and are a key player in the inflatable water slide industry. If you buy a Banzai product, you know you are getting a reliable and quality product and this Banzai water park is no exception.

In terms of price, the Banzai Water Park sits about mid-range, however you are getting a long-lasting, quality product that will provide endless hours of enjoyment for your children.

The Banzai Splash Park features an overhead sprinkler and an 8in deep lagoon style splash pool. The kids will absolutely love spending their summer days on this giant inflatable water slide bounce house.

The dimensions of the inflatable water slide are: 95”H x 184”W x 114”D and the slide sits approximately 5 ½ ft high at the top of the slide.

Included in the water slide bounce house package are ground stakes and anchor bags to secure the blow up slide, a repair kit if the water slide bounce house springs a leak and a 60Hz  blower to inflate the Banzai water slide. Inflation is super quick and the kids will be on the inflatable slip and slide within a couple of minutes.

The total weight capacity of the inflatable slide is 150lb. To ensure you get the maximum lifespan out of the Banzai inflatable water slide, follow the recommended weight capacity and ensure no more than one child is on the slide at any time. The lagoon style pool next to the slide is the perfect area for children to play in whilst waiting to use the inflatable slip and slide.

Deflating and drying out the inflatable slide can be tiresome but will increase the lifespan of the inflatable slide if you take the time to dry it out properly before storing away.

If you are concerned about water usage, you can rest assured that it is possible to turn the water pressure down once the pool is full. However, you will need to redirect the sprinkler to the slide to ensure the slide is slippery enough and to prevent friction and the kids from getting slide burn. The blower must also remain on during use of the Banzai Water Park.

RESULT: A great inflatable bounce house water slide that will provide lots of fun for a minimal outlay. 

Blast Zone Tropical Splash Inflatable Water Slide

If you are deciding between renting or purchasing an inflatable water park, the Blast Zone Inflatable Water Slide is affordable enough to buy and you’ll get more than one use out of it. It is smaller than the other inflatable water slides that we have reviewed, however if your children are young, this will be perfect for a birthday party or other special outdoor occasion.

The inflatable slide is lightweight at approximately 40lb, and light enough to be moved or transported into position by one adult. A blower is included and will inflate and deflate the water slide in as little as one minute.

Blast Zone Tropical Splash
List Price:$279.99
You Save:$80.00
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The dimensions are 12.5”L x 5.5”w x 5.5”H and is suitable for those with a small backyard. It has been manufactured with commercial grade vinyl and is tough and durable.

RESULT: A good-sized backyard inflatable for those with a small backyard looking for a small price tag!

Bounceland Jump and Splash Water Bounce House

This bouncy house with waterslide is awesome value for money that has been constructed with heavy duty puncture proof material with double and quadruple stitching.

The Bounceland bounce house water slide consists of a pool area, water slide, bouncing area and basketball hoop.

The dimensions of the bounce house slide combo is 11.5” x 9” x 6”H and is suitable for those with a reasonable sized backyard. Included in the water slide jumper package is the water hose, spiked ground stakes for anchoring the water bouncy house, blower with 25ft power cord (the blower must stay on whilst the bounce house is in use), repair kit and a large carry bag for storage.

Bounce land Water Bounce House

The recommended age for use of the water bounce house is from 3 years to 10 years and the maximum weight limit is 300lb.

Inflation and deflation is simple and takes no more than one minute. Not only will your kids get immense enjoyment out of their new water slide bounce house, they will get plenty of exercise doing so. It sure beats having the kids inside playing video games!

RESULT: Fantastic value for money, high quality construction and loads of enjoyment to be had in this bounce house water slide.

Crocodile Isle Inflatable Water Park

If you want your children to stop complaining about being bored over the summer – this giant inflatable water slide is the solution. Now it is a big croc at 14 ft in length and 22 ft wide, so you will need to have a suitably sized backyard. Your kids will be the envy of the street with their new bounce house water slide.

It holds a maximum of 5 occupants at any one time and the pool is spacious enough for everyone to have a great time.

Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Water park

A powerful blower is included in the package and it inflates in a few minutes. Air from the blower is continuously fed into the bounce house water  slide  Do not be alarmed when you hear air escaping from the seams. This is normal and it is beneficial for air to escape as it allows for a much stronger water slide jumper.

Each of the slides have their own sprayers so the kids get maximum fun out of the bounce house water slide avoiding any friction. Once the water slide is inflated, attach the water tube, hook up your hose and you are good to go. The Crocodile Isle bouncy slide has a really cool built-in flow restriction feature which will help minimize your water usage when the inflatable slip n slide is in operation.

RESULT: This bounce house water slide is what children’s dreams are made of, go on spoil them this Summer!

Blast Zone Pirate Bay Bounce house with pool

The kids will be in paradise with this huge bounce house slide combo that includes dual spray canons, crawl tunnel, climbing wall, inflatable waterslide, bouncer and pool. Constructed with commercial grade vinyl with quadruple heavy duty stitching, you are getting a solid and durable product that will stand the test of time.

 The Blast Zone bounce house water slide is versatile enough to be used both wet and dry so the kids can get enjoyment out of it during all seasons!

Maximum weight capacity on the Blast Zone water slide bounce house is 500lb and recommended weight capacity on the slide is 100lb. This is a big bounce house water slide so you will need a big backyard; the dimensions are: 20 x 12 x 8 ft.

Included in the package is a powerful blower that feeds a constant flow of air into the Blast Zone water slide blow up (it is normal to hear air escaping from the seams). Inflation is quick and the kids can be on the bounce house with pool within minutes of set up. Once the blower is switched off, the inflatable bounce house with begin to deflate.

Additional inclusions with the inflatable bounce house consist of a step-by-step DVD for instructions and safety rules, anchor stakes, carrying straps and sprayer system.

The bounce house with waterslide has been designed with some key safety features in mind including soft safety netting to prevent abrasion, numerous anchor points for extra stability and safe slide heights to prevent any falls.

RESULT: Blast Zone are a leading manufacturer in the bounce house industry so you know you are getting reliability and quality as well as exceptional customer service should any issues arise with your purchase.