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Inflatable River Inner Tubes

Are you looking to purchase the best tube for river tubing? Our product guide not only reviews the best river float tubes on the market but it also consists of valuable information about the recreational sport of river tubing.

What is tubing?

There are a number of ways people go tubing depending on the climate and the location, as well as the person’s particular preference. Snow tubing is a very common and popular activity during the snow season and some ski resorts around the world actually dedicate full courses to snow tubing. It is also possible to tube in the summertime down dry slopes with hard bottom tubes which is basically just the summertime variant to snow tubing. However, this product guide is focussed on inner tubes for river tubing – both towed tubing and free floating tubing.

Floating the River Checklist

All adrenalin filled activities contain elements of danger and river tubing is no exception. You may have heard of the infamous tubing in Vang Vieng, Laos. Vang Vieng is a well known stop on the South East Asian backpacker circuit and many backpackers travel to Vang Vieng for the river parties and tubing down the spectacular Nam Song River. However, this river has sadly claimed several lives; due to the dangers of combining alcohol and adrenalin inducing activities including tubing.  If you apply common sense and take some simple precautions, your tubing experience should be fun, enjoyable and relaxing. Have a look at our floating the river checklist, consisting of river tubing safety and river tubing tips to make you experience memorable, unforgettable and safe!

  1. DO NOT combine alcohol and river tubing ever! Alcohol alters your ability to adequately assess risks and resulting in hazardous, irresponsible and at the most extreme fatal actions.
  2. Protect your skin from the sun. Ensure you apply a broad spectrum sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Wear a hat and a shirt containing appropriate UV protection.
  3. Consider bringing an inflatable floating cooler to hold your snacks and water (not beer) to ensure you stay hydrated.
  4. Don’t go river tubing alone. Ensure you undertake the activity with at least one other person.
  5. Bring a waterproof duffel bag with you to store your cell phone, wallet, towel and any other belongings. Waterproof dry bags are invaluable for activities such as tubing and other water based endeavours as you know that your valuables are safe from theft and from getting wet!
  6. If possible, consider wearing aqua shoes. Your feet will have much better protection against the rocky river floor and from any undetectable sharp objects in the river.
  7. Take note of local weather and river conditions and ensure you only undertake the activity if the conditions are appropriate.
  8. Wear a life vest and helmet (especially if conditions are rough or if you are not a confident swimmer).
  9. If you are river tubing with children, consider tying your tube to their tube to prevent your child’s tube from drifting away.
  10. If you are pregnant or have a medical condition, do not undertake this activity without first consulting your doctor.

Types of River Tubes for Sale

There are a number of specifically designed inner tubes for floating down the river available nowadays on the market. These inflatable river floats can also be called donuts; and as the name suggests, their appearance is akin to a large donut! However, these were not the original inner tubes for river floating. The origin of river tubing began with tubers using automobile inner tubes. A gap opened in the market for commercial manufacturers to develop purpose built tubes to float the river giving consumers a wider variety of choice in floating inner tubes. Fortunately for consumers, we are now spoilt for choice. We have selected the top 5 river inner tubes amongst the endless options on the market today. Continue reading for our top 5 choices.

Best River Tubes Product Reviews

Tube In a Box Inner River Tubes

Tube in a Box is a product based off the original inner tube. It is a cheap but very durable inflatable river float made out of 100% tear resistant, commercial grade rubber. You don’t have to worry about deflation caused by sun exposure which is often what happens with lower quality inner tubes made from vinyl.

Versatility is key with these tubes for floating and they can be used on the water or on the snow. Another fantastic feature is the small valve consisting of a rubber stem and cap which prevents any scratches and scrapes on your body.  Most other river inner tubes for tubing are built with protruding metal valves which can literally be a pain! It also comes with a tube cover for extra protection, safety and functionality.

Most importantly with Tube in a Box large inner tubes, ensure you follow the instructions and fully inflate your tube. Many consumers often worry that they may overinflate and pop their inner tube river float, however rubber is far more durable than vinyl and the Tube in a Box river inner tubes will not pop! Watch the you tube video for inflation instructions.

Summary: A low cost and extremely durable river inner tube that can provide endless fun in the snow or at the river! This gets our pick as the best inner tube for river floating on the market! 

Intex River Inner Tube Float

If you are looking for a day of lazy river tubing, this is the product for you. The Intex river inner tube float has been designed with a backrest for easy cruising and added back support.

It features a built-in cup holder allowing you to stay hydrated throughout the day (for water….not alcohol!) as well as two heavy-duty handles for easier carrying. The Intex river inner tube float includes a mesh bottom for extra comfort, 2 air chambers for added safety and a repair patch for any tears that may occur, extending the life of the river inner tube.

Summary: This is a low-cost product packed full of features representing fantastic value for money – you won’t be disappointed!

This is a fantastic product with two lounges interconnected, containing a large built in cooler to keep your refreshments close by and cool.

Inflation is easy with 5 air chambers for extra safety. You are able to fasten the Intex river inner tube float to other river inner tubes with the innovative connectors located on the side of the tube.

As with other intex river inner tubes, it has been designed with a mesh bottom for extra comfort and a repair patch for any tears that occur. Check out the you tube video to see the Intex River Run II in action!

Summary: 5 air chambers, built-in cooler and cup holder, backrest, and repair patch – great value and great fun! 

CoolerZ Rapid Rider River Inner Tubes


If you’re looking for cheap river tubes, this one is a bargain! It consists of the regular river inner tubes features such as a: backrest, built-in cup holders, heavy duty carry handles and a mesh bottom. The rapid river has been constructed with vinyl so you won’t get the lifespan out of it like you would a commercial grade rubber river inner tube but you will get enjoyment nonetheless!

Summary: If you are looking for a bargain inner tube for river tubing this will do the job!

Realtree Max 5 Lake Runner River Inner Tube for 2

If you are looking for river floats for adults, the Realtree River Inner Tube is a product worthy of consideration. Constructed with a high gauge durable PVC material, the 2 person inner tube river float has been designed with photorealistic camouflage print that blends in with the river backdrop. Additional features of the river inner tube consist of built-in backrests, cup holders, a woven mesh bottom and an inflatable cooler to keep your beverages cool.

Summary: Low-cost, awesome camouflage print with an inflatable cooler included! What more could you possibly want!